Aegis Analytics v4.1

We're running down the checklist of industry-leading features with our latest release of Aegis Analytics, including more interoperability between companies, improvements to existing features, new components and ways to visualize your data, and some of our most often requested functionalities - finally available to everyone. Pack your bags for this release, because we will take you on a trip we call Aegis Analytics v4.1!

What's new?

  • We've added several new graphs and components and updated a few of our old ones to give you better graphical insight into your schedules using our state-of-the-art technology.
  • Improvements to our tight integrations between Risk Register entries and our Cloud Monte Carlo simulations allow increases in speed, performance, and accuracy.
  • Support has been added for schedules to be re-baselined inside Analytics so you can submit what you need to properly manage your projects.
  • We've improved our Risk Register import functionality and released a standalone Reactive Risk Register product for those who want a cloud-based risk register as a standalone package.
  • An improved and fully integrated Knowledgebase and Help System, giving users a step-by-step guide through our software.
  • We've improved the usability of our UI for features such as score settings and guest viewer access, allowing your project administrators to configure the software to their exclusive needs.

Making waves with new displays.

We've added new charts, graphs and exportable reports to make you the talk of the office. Our Progress Trending Chart and Schedule Comparison give users deep insights into the inner workings of project controls.

  • The new Progress Trending component allows you to review your project's planned vs. actual progress based on the original and remaining durations.
  • The Activity Completion component can now be filtered by Activity Codes (if available in the XER)
  • We've also added a toggle to view activities planned for 30, 60, and 90 days from the date of your latest schedule
  • We've implemented a Schedule Comparison Gantt chart, which allows you to spot changes to your overall schedule quickly. Filter for critical activities and add one of our pre-set filters to view changes to your schedule's activities, durations, progress, constraints, or logic.

Integration at your fingertips, at a speed you can't ignore.

We've further integrated Monte Carlo and Risk Register into project controls standards, making the simulation an integral part to schedule monitoring and assessment. We have also continued to make our calculation process even faster to facilitate on-the-fly changes and timely decision-making.

Baselines. Re-baselined.

  • We've added the ability to re-baseline projects, and adjust the Finish Milestone for existing/new schedules.
  • If the existing Finish Milestone no longer exists in the uploaded schedule, you'll be required to select a new Finish Milestone before submitting.
  • You can review & adjust existing schedules' milestones by clicking the "Edit" icon on the Schedules tab

Import more risks, and export more insights.

We've significantly improved our Risk Register Import, allowing you to import more of the data you already have to reduce human error and increase the accuracy and insight you can get from your integrated Risk Register.

Risk register as a Service. Reactive Risk 1.0 releases today.

We received so much interest and feedback in the cloud risk register that we've made it an additional standalone product that we are releasing along with our lineup of other products. For the technical-minded, features such as API access are coming very soon.

Access to the Rhinoworks Shop Manual. Take command of your roadster schedules.

We've built an incredible racing machine of an Analytical platform, and now we're giving you access to our Shop Manual at so you can become the product expert in your office using the instructions and guidelines from the developers who built the roadster themselves.

Give your clients a portfolio view to rival any Excel sheet.

Individual client companies can now be added to your Analytics Account and be given read access to their portfolio of projects without impacting your license count. Clients can sign in with their e-mails and view their project portfolio, and even keep their own project data seperate from yours, giving them a portfolio view to rival any Excel sheet, included with your Aegis Analytics professional license, free of charge.

We're always making more.

Analytics is continually growing and encompassing more of the project controls workflow. If you have a feature you're excited about and want us to implement, let us know at

Available today

You can get started using 4.1 today by visiting

We hope you enjoy this update, and are as excited as we are to see what's coming next for Aegis Analytics.