Aegis Analytics v2.1

Aegis Rhinoworks is proud to unveil Analytics v2.1 -- A quality of life upgrade to the phenomenally successful v2.0 release that speeds up performance, introduces new industry standard metrics, and paves the way for the next release.

Based on the tremendous success and engagement from our customers, we've released Aegis Analytics v2.1 which improves our Analytics dashboard in several key ways we think you'll love.

What's New?

  • We've added Logic Density, Hard Constraints, and Out of Sequence metrics to our Schedule Analysis breakouts on the Quality Control page. These breakouts are also available in the Excel Export.
  • We've added the DCMA 14-Point Assessment to the Quality Control page for each project to measure schedule health and quality more effectively against known industry standards.
  • Implemented vastly improved schedule processing to take the rendering time of an uploaded schedule down from minutes to seconds for most schedules.
  • We've added better communication methods in our application to inform users of upcoming maintenance or potential downtime. You can still visit our status page any time at
  • Improved the login process for all users to cut down on load times after login.

Better metrics. Happier customers. ?

We've added more metrics in our Schedule Analysis to make it easier for you and your customers to identify schedule health issues and fix problems faster. Logic Density allows you to see the ratio of activities to relationships at a glance and determine schedule complexity on the fly. Hard Constraints and Out of Sequence metrics are now divable and can give you a glimpse into where your schedule may need additional tweaking.

Industry standards that come standard.?

The Defense Contract Management Agency 14-Point Schedule Assessment is now available on the Quality Page of every project. The DCMA 14-point Schedule Assessment set of criteria was formed in 2005 and firstly it was used by the US Department of Defense. Since then it had become a guideline for schedule review which has been implemented in many project management software widely used in the aerospace and defense industry.

Ready. Set. Analyze. ?

We've made major improvements to our schedule analysis processors that improve processing times on 95% of schedules uploaded to our platform. Spend less time waiting and more time analyzing.

So much more to come. ?

From login improvements to under the hood tune ups, v2.1 prepares us for the next round of upgrades and even more beyond that. We can't wait to share the next release with you.

How to upgrade to v2.1

Visit today. The new update will be applied once you refresh.